I mainly shoot in a photojournalistic style.

I think of my camera as a way to capture things as they happen, not as a way to make things happen so they can be captured. When shooting for portraits, I do direct my clients into specific poses, but I make it a point to ensure that they feel comfortable and relaxed. I love catching sincere expressions and emotions!

I believe in natural beauty.

I want my clients to look their best but not at the expense of editing out all the little bits of them that make them unique and beautiful. I love seeing beauty in every person or thing I shoot and strive to show this in my shots. When shooting, I find that I am constantly inspired by the people, things and animals on the other side of the lens and I try my hardest to convey that through my photographs.

Most importantly, I want my pictures to show the world as I see it: a beautiful and intriguing place.

Triple C Photography